Business licenses are not required in the City of Ellsworth.  Listed below are costs for various licenses and services.

  • Cereal Malt Beverage License:  $75.00

  • Dangerous Structure Removal:  Actual Cost of Removal

  • Fireworks Vendor Permit:  $250.00

  • Liquor License:  $300.00

  • Peddler's License-Annual:  $150.00

  • Peddler's License-Daily:  $25.00

  • Peddler's License Application Fee:  $35.00

  • Portable Storage Unit Permit:  $50.00

  • Returned Check Fee:  $30.00

  • Street/Curb Cut Fee:  $50.00 + $2.00/Sq Ft

  • Burial Permit:  $250 full, ($60 for cremation)


City Ordinance requires dogs and cats to be licensed. Pet owners should get a license within 30 days of:

  • Acquiring a dog/cat that is over four months old

  • The dog/cat turning four months old

  • Moving into the City with the dog/cat

Dog/cat licenses are $5.00 for an animal that is spayed or neutered and $7.00 for an animal that is not.  If animals are not licensed by March 1st there is a $6.00 penalty.  The animal impound fee is $50.00, while the daily animal care fee is $15.00/day.  If your pet is loose, contact Ellsworth Police Department immediately.  

Pit Bulls are prohibited in the City of Ellsworth.