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Scott Moore



Scott Moore

City Administrator

The City Administrator works at the pleasure of the City Council.  The Administrator oversees the day to day functions of the City and coordinates the departments including Police, Fire, Finance, Water, Sewer, Streets, and Recreation.

Duties and responsibilities of the City Administrator include:

  • Presenting recommendations and information to enable the Council to make educated decisions on matters of policy

  • Serving on various boards, committees, commissions, and statewide organizations, etc. as directed by the City Council

  • Maintaining a sound fiscal position for the City through the preparation of the annual budget

  • Responding promptly and positively to all inquiries and requests of citizens

  • Disseminating information regarding City activities

Patti L. Booher, CMC

City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as the liaison between the public the city council and provides related municipal services.  Some of the clerk's duties include:

  • Record, edit, and distribute minutes of the city council meetings

  • Prepare and maintain official reports, legal documents, financial records, and reference materials

  • Keep fiscal records and accounts

  • Maintain city codes and ordinances

  • Respond to all licensing, permit, and public requests

  • Communicate effectively with management, department heads, and the general public to keep operations running smoothly


Patti L. Booher



The City of Ellsworth is governed by a Mayor and City Council who are elected by the people of the City. The Mayor and City Council acting together are the Governing Body. All Governing Body members serve four-year terms. The Governing Body, being the elected representative of the people, adopts all ordinances and resolutions and determines the general goals and policies.

  • Mayor - Alan Stefek

  • Wayne Scritchfield

  • Tyler Renard

  • Mary Soukup

  • Mark Kennedy

  • Steve Magette